On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (01/19/21), Hank expands on what he talked about yesterday, specifically on the power of one. One person making a difference for time and for eternity. Martin Luther King Jr. stood at the forefront of the civil rights movement. He profoundly changed the course of American history and he did it with nonviolent resistance to racial segregation and discrimination. Abraham Lincoln did much the same, and like King, he was assassinated for his anti-slavery heroics. And also like King, Lincoln’s orations were shaped by the teachings of Jesus Christ—the Lord of Glory and the quintessential demonstration of the power of one. But the power of one goes both ways. Hank recently recorded a podcast with Dr. Mary Grabar who wrote a book debunking Howard Zinn. Zinn has had a towering impact on the educational and entertainment industries. A man who has done more to poison the minds of American students on the issue of racism than arguably anyone before or after. Zinn pontificated again and again that America for all intents and purposes invented racism. And according to Zinn, “even the Emancipation Proclamation did not arise out of a sincere desire to free the slaves, but only from political and military expediency.” And today, largely through the “Zinnification” of American history, Lincoln is no longer given credit for freeing the slaves—and for going about it in a prudent and principled manner. Why? Because that would mean giving the American people credit for abolishing slavery, and it would undermine the caricature of America as a uniquely racist country.

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