On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hank says a few words about the issue of the age of the universe. The Bible is not designed to give us the age of the universe, but if you look at general revelation you see God’s handiwork. One of the things we see is the reality that nothing travels faster than the speed of light and that billions of light-years separate us from distant galaxies. That leads logically to the assumption that the age of the universe is measured in billions of years, not thousands.

Hank also answers the following questions:

  • Is speaking in tongues necessary for the infilling of the Holy Spirit? Is it an actual language? Earl – Springfield, MO (3:27)
  • When Jesus returns, what will He look like? What will we look like after the resurrection? Casey – St. Louis, MO (8:48)
  • How can I prove to a friend that Christians are not required to keep the Old Testament law? Morgan – Vancouver, BC (15:13)
  • How was Jesus tempted in the desert since the Bible says that God can’t be tempted? Patrick – Saskatoon, SK (18:40)
  • Can Darwin’s theory actually produce life? Luke – Liberty Lake, WA (21:51)
  • As the only Christian in my family, how can I explain that there is more to following Christ than just asking for help when bad things happen? Tony – Pittsburgh, PA (23:28)

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