On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hank moves onto the ninth chapter of Matthew’s Gospel, which opens with the account of Jesus healing a paralytic. Here as with the other miracles of Christ, we are confronted with indisputable evidence that Jesus is divine. The teachers of the law knew this and so do we. While the forgiveness of sins is not visible to the naked eye, the healing of paralysis is evidence that Jesus has both the power to forgive and the power to heal. We perceive three miracles in the healing of the paralytic. And the three collectively demonstrate conclusively that Jesus is the fulfillment of the law and the prophets. He knows the secrets of the heart, he forgives sins, and he heals by the authority of his word. Following this account, we see the calling of Matthew, the very man whose Gospel we are in the process of studying. Hank is always struck by the brevity of Matthew’s conversion from a greedy tax collector to one who immediately makes restitution, leaves all, and follows after Jesus. What a contrast with the Pharisees. They see that Christ is the miracle worker foretold by the prophets and yet despise him in their hearts. Matthew sees the miracle worker and is willing to give up all and follow Jesus. No hesitation. No compromise. A life of repentance. His former fortune now trite in light of Messiah.

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