On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hank answers the following questions:

  • What did Jesus mean when He said “Let the dead bury their own dead” in Matthew 8:22? Richard – IA (1:10)
  • What are your thoughts on those who are judgmental? Richard – IA (4:07)
  • Do you believe that the fire of hell is literal or metaphorical? Jamie – Cotton Valley, LA (5:21)
  • How important is physical attraction when choosing a spouse? Ryan – Dallas, TX (15:11)
  • What are your thoughts on veganism and not eating meat in your diet? Rene – Kansas City, MO (17:48)
  • Does Jesus’ words about God creating man and women at the beginning of creation have anything to do with the age of the Earth? Derek – San Francisco, CA (20:04)
  • Is there a difference between the gift of faith that Paul mentions in 1 Corinthians 12, and the common faith that believers share? Derek – San Francisco, CA (23:06)

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