On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hank answers the following questions:

  • Does Satan have the power to read our minds? Michelle – Vancouver, BC (0:53)
  • Is Hell a literal place of fire? Maggie – St. Louis, MO (2:12)
  • Is it true that when Christ returns, those who are alive in Christ will escape death? Brian – Syracuse, NY (5:13)
  • In John 17:20-26, Jesus prayed “that they may all be one.” Why then are there so many denominations? Dan – Huntingburg, IN (7:46)
  • Did the ancient mystery religions influence the Apostle Paul and the Bible? Eddie – Vancouver, BC (15:13)
  • Can you comment on the amount of violence in the Old Testament? Why did God command so much violence? Michelle – St. Louis, MO (19:22)

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