On today’s special Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hank interviews Joe Dallas (author of Speaking of Homosexuality: Discussing the Issues with Kindness and Clarity) on the topic of the recently withdrawn California legislative bill AB-2943, which would have placed sexual orientation change efforts in the same category as consumer fraud. Hank explains that this is a truly historic moment, in answer to much prayer. California Assembly member Evan Low decided not to send AB-2943 to the Governor, even though it had sufficient support in the Senate and Assembly, and likely the governor as well. Low had met with and listened to pastors, counselors, ministry leaders and Christians worldwide in coming to his decision to withdraw the bill.

Hank also talks about the Bible Answer Man broadcast changing to a 30-minute format in order to better facilitate the spread of the broadcast—today marks the first 30-minute program.

Hank and Joe answer the following question:

  • Do you have any counsel for us in New Hampshire, which recently passed a bill similar to the one in California you are discussing?

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