On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (10/25/18), Hank recalls a story he told in his very first book, Christianity in Crisis. The story is about a young boy named David. David was busily engaged in building the sandcastle of his dreams. He was so engrossed in his labor, that he failed to notice the dark clouds forming on the horizon, blinded to the tide that was moving closer and closer. Inevitably the waves crashed down on his carefully crafted castle, ruining what he had spent so much time and effort on building. Hank then applies this story to the era in which we live. Like David, we are so busily engaged with building our own sandcastles that we are unaware of the incoming waves.

Hank also answers the following question:

  • Did God set up the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River, and the Dead Sea as a parable of our life?


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