On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (07/24/20), Hank discusses the current edition of the Christian Research Journal. As the cover feature article Seduced? underscores, we are in the midst of a virulent linguistic crisis. Long after the COVID-19 crisis has receded from our memories, this battle will continue to ravage our futures. Carl F. H. Henry rightly defined this time of trouble as a “crisis of word.” A linguistic crisis that “has flowered into fragmentation, outrage and semantic terrorism.” Consider, for example, the redefinition of the word marriage. In their excellent book Same-Sex Marriage by Sean McDowell and John Stonestreet, the authors correctly forward the notion that “marriage has at all times and in all societies been a relationship between men and women.” That “marriage exists because of the dual, gender-distinct nature of humanity.” And that “the connection between marriage and procreation is more than just incidental.” But they note that in a contrary opinion, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy holds that marriage, as historically defined, fosters ill will and animosity. In Kennedy’s considered opinion, anyone who embraces the historical definition of marriage — thus excluding same-sex couples — “does so out of hate and animus.” The redefinition of the word “marriage” is hardly a trifling matter. It is emblematic, as Henry laments, of “the twilight of a [once Logocentric and] great civilization.” Thus, says Hank, we can curse the darkness, or we can build a lighthouse in the midst of the gathering storm. Articles such as Seduced? along with other timely articles in this issue of the Christian Research Journal, do just that. As such, reading this issue cover to cover is bound to equip you with new heights of perspective and new depths of understanding. Hank closes with an exhortation to repentance and prayer—commit to praying the Lord’s Prayer three times a day for 21 days; and pray, as did our Lord and Savior, for unity in the body of Christ.

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