On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (03/11/19), Hank celebrates the beginning of the Lenten season, with today being Clean Monday, a day in which we are to leave behind our sinful attitudes. Hank stresses the importance of fasting, one of the predominant themes of the Great Lent. The stomach is like an undisciplined child, forever demanding its fill of empty calories. The discipline of fasting restores one’s balance and self-control.

Hank also answers the following questions:

  • Is it true that once saved, you’re always saved? I’ve been listening to accounts of near-death experiences and I’m doubting my salvation.
  • Do you know anything about God sending Moses and Ezekiel back to preach the Word?
  • I’m a pastor in the United Methodist Church; how should I respond to the recent UMC vote on LGBTQ issues?

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