On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (04/12/22), Hank mentions that we are in the midst of Holy Week. The gospels record Jesus entering the Temple area and driving out the moneychangers, and those selling animals. John records Jesus cleansing the Temple at the beginning of His ministry. Matthew, Mark, and Luke mention Jesus cleansing the Temple at the end of His ministry. How do we account for this? The gospel writers present complementary narratives, not identical narratives. None of these writers even hint that Christ only cleansed the Temple once. Not every action Jesus took was written down.

Hank also answers the following questions:

  • Can you clarify Psalm 139 for me? It says that all of our days are planned for us. How does God’s knowledge play into our choices?
  • I understand the Nicene creed predates the New Testament scriptures. What scriptures were this creed based on?
  • Were there other people besides the Jews who wrote about Jesus during His time on earth?
  • What message was Jesus wanting to convey during His cleansing of the Temple? Does this have any application to churches today?
  • I am being pulled in two different directions regarding which church I should attend. Do you have any advice?

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