On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (10/12/20), Hank discusses the topic of critical race theory, which has been front and center in the news lately, including during the presidential debate in late September. While debate moderator Chris Wallace contended that critical race theory is little more than sensitivity training, reality, says Hank, points in precisely the opposite direction. Critical race theory is rooted in atheistic Marxism. Karl Marx described history as a series of struggles between oppressors and oppressed. Between the dominant and the disadvantaged. As such, critical race theory is foundational to intersectionality, white privilege, white fragility, and the like. Moreover, says Hank, the grand metanarrative of critical race theory embraces an evolutionary worldview that is inherently racist in and of itself. It is not hard to grasp why Critical Race Theorists are loath to connect the dots for devotees or why those like Chris Wallace describe this horrifying worldview as sensitivity training.

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