On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (12/30/19), Hank gives an overview of the brand new double issue of the Christian Research Journal. As Hank explains, one of the side-effects to the allogeneic stem-cell transplant he received earlier in the year is that the Christian Research Institute fell behind in various ministry outreaches, including the production of the Journal, and the cure is this wonderfully super-sized edition. One of the standout articles in this edition is the cover story, “How Dante’s Inferno Can Help Explain Hell to Modern Seekers” by Louis Markos. Hank also touches on the brevity of life; having nearly died twice in 2019 he reflects on some of the luminaries that have passed on this year. Despite all of their fame and notoriety, people die and life moves on. And in the meantime, we are called to make a difference while there is yet still time. Hank also addresses the Pope’s comments on Christianity’s need to “get with the times.”

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