On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (03/13/20), Hank talks about the Darwinian assumptions that have become such a part of the air we breathe that it is increasingly difficult not to include its broad-ranging assumptions in our everyday rhetoric. Consciously and unconsciously, it seems we are influenced by evolutionary thinking. One example is the collective embrace of eugenics. With the dawn of the twentieth century, eugenics was standard fare in high school biology classes. The logical progression from evolution to eugenics is hardly surprising. What is breathtaking is the vast rapidity with which this baseless theory was embraced by the cultural elite, its supporters ranging from President Theodore Roosevelt to Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. Those who resisted eugenics were considered backward and ignorant. It wasn’t until the ghastly reality of eugenics reached full bloom in the genocidal mania of German death camps that it vanished quietly into the night. The tragic consequences of the evolutionary dogma that birthed it, however, are yet with us today. Hank also discusses the issue of abortion in the second segment of the broadcast, something that is on the forefront of the battle today for Christians. We ought to be demonstrating just how devastating the effect of abortion is to our civilization.

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