On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (07/19/23), Hank retells a story about how during a time of injury, he learned how to wade out from the shallow waters and go deeper into the ocean of prayer; encouraging us to do the same.

Hank also answers the following questions:

  • I am a member of Bible Study Fellowship, but my pastor does not think I should be involved in teaching because he thinks it is the job of the church. What is your opinion? (4:29)
  • My wife recently passed away. What is she experiencing in heaven now? Will she recognize her loved ones? (6:37)
  • Moses asked to see God’s face. Does that mean God has physical form? (15:12)
  • My pastor says that God comes first, and the church comes second. I thought family came before the church. Which is true? (18:05)
  • If atheists don’t believe that God exists, why do they consider Him a moral monster? (20:28)


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