On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (01/02/20), Hank praises the newest book from Jay W. Richards, Eat, Fast, Feast: Heal Your Body While Feeding Your Soul—A Christian Guide to Fasting. Like millions concerned about their health, Hank had never really known which diet plan to trust. But he’s found the secret to healing the whole of you—body, soul, and spirit. Eat, Fast, Feast reveals that God is interested in more than just our physical health. He’s interested in healing the whole of us. Hank has put the plan into action and it has been transformational in his life, and so he hopes it will be transformational in your life as well, which is why Hank picked this book as our resource of the month for January 2020.

Hank also answers the following questions:

  • Can believers purchase lottery tickets? Is there anything wrong with doing so?
  • My daughter encountered a church that doesn’t believe that it is Jesus that will come back, but Adam. Do you know anything about this church?
  • It seems to me that the creation account in Genesis chapter 1 is speaking only of the creation of our galaxy, would you not agree?
  • Did the new covenant start with Jesus’ death on the cross? Are his teachings in the gospels under the old law?

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