On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hank summarizes key principles of biblical interpretation as found in his flipchart, LIGHTS on Your Path to Reading the Bible For All It’s Worth. Since God’s Word is divine rather than merely human in origin, it is imperative for believers to understand what God has said. This requires understanding hermeneutics, or the art and science of biblical interpretation. Hank makes this task easy with his acronym LIGHTS, which stands for Literal Principle, Illumination Principle, Grammatical Principle, Historical Principle, Typology Principle, and Scriptural Synergy.

Hank answers the following questions:

  • Do you know that Roman Catholics believe in salvation by works? Don’t they believe that baptism saves you, but you can lose your salvation?
  • Where in the Bible can I go to see true repentance?
  • How do we as Christians separate politics from religion?
  • Is it wrong to have personal goals, or should I put them aside and concentrate on God’s will?
  • A church I went to had a prophetess come and speak; what do you think of this?
  • What preachers and teachers do you think are teaching the Word of God accurately?
  • Does the book, 90 Minutes in Heaven line up with the Bible?
  • Should we take the description of the four living creatures in Revelation 4 literally?

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