On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (02/25/19), Hank starts by giving a brief overview of his health over the past month as prologue to discussing a book that has been transcendently timely in his life, The Theology of Illness by Jean-Claude Larchet. It’s so important to understand the origins of illness, to understand the spiritual meaning of illness, and Christian paths towards healing. We all face illness, and even when we think we’re in good health, the potential for illness lurks within. Our bodies are destined to diminish, to deteriorate, and finally die. And when we think that salvation comes from medicine as opposed to God using medicine, we are encouraged to make our doctors high priests in the modern epoch. While thankful for the treatments available for his disease, Hank is also very much aware of the fact that it is God who uses medicine, it is God who creates the healing herbs, it is God that puts us in a situation where we can profit from the medicine available to us for our illnesses today.

Hank also answers the following questions:

  • Why did Jesus switch between “lamb” and “sheep” in John 21:15-17?
  • Is cremation a sin?
  • Is Seventh Day Adventism within the pale of Christian orthodoxy?

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