On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (04/29/19), Hank shares his thoughts on a Newsweek article titled, “The Bible: So Misunderstood it’s a Sin” by Kurt Eichenwald. In the article, Eichenwald posits that the Bible is corrupt, Jesus was a false apocalyptic prophet, and the Genesis account is contradictory, among other things. Hank specifically addresses Eichenwald’s accusations against Genesis and offers his book, Has God Spoken? as a full refutation of these erroneous claims.

Hank also answers the following questions:

  • I used to be a Mormon and I appreciate your ministry, but I don’t understand why you judge other religions?
  • Someone at my church said that we shouldn’t pray the Lord’s Prayer because it was only for Jesus’ disciples; is that right?
  • Do you know if there are any major problems with Frederick Price?
  • Have you heard of Andrew Murray?
  • Which translations of the Bible are good, and are there any we should avoid?

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