On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (01/04/19), Hank opens by answering a question he received on Facebook from a listener regarding the Trinity. The listener asks how we can reconcile Isaiah 9:6 with the doctrine of the Trinity, as his sister who believes in Oneness Pentecostalism uses this passage to demonstrate that Jesus is himself the Father. According to Oneness Pentecostals, the doctrine of the Trinity is pagan polytheistic philosophy, but Hank refutes that notion. It is not pagan polytheism or pagan philosophy, it is biblically based. Scripture plainly reveals person self-distinctions within the Godhead. The very fact that Jesus prayed to the Father demonstrates that Jesus cannot be the Father. Oneness adherents try to explain this away with the notion that Jesus’ human nature prays to His divine nature, but this is clearly nonsense. Natures can’t pray; only persons can.

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