On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (11/24/20), Hank dives deep into John Chrysostom’s third sermon on the parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man. In explicating the parable, St. Chrysostom continues to stress the importance of reading and studying the Scriptures, for the Scriptures are replete with wisdom that transforms. Consider a request the Rich Man makes of Father Abraham—that Lazarus return from the dead to warn his brothers so that they do not experience a torment such as what he was even then experiencing. Father Abraham’s reply is profound: “They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them.” Yet the Rich Man responds: “No, Father Abraham, but if someone rose from the dead, they will believe him.” In truth, however, they will not. Father Abraham replies again to the Rich Man, “If they do not hear Moses and the prophets, neither will they listen if someone rises from the dead.” The Jewish leaders living at the time of Christ proved that this is so, for they neither heeded the words of Scripture nor were convinced by Christ’s resurrection from the dead. In fact, after Christ had resurrected Lazarus (brother of Mary and Martha), they tried to kill him (John 11–12). So, shows St. Chrysostom, even if a dead person rises, even if an angel descends from heaven, the Scriptures are more worthy of belief than any of them. For the Master of the angels, the Lord of the dead and of the living Himself, has given the Scriptures their authority. Hank contends that Chrysostom’s sermons on Lazarus and the Rich Man—found in the book On Wealth and Poverty—are the most poignant and profound in the annals of Christian preaching.

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