On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (03/08/21), Hank moves on to Matthew 3, reading through the entire chapter. In this chapter, we are introduced to John the Baptist, one of the most important characters in all of Scripture. He is the one who prepares the way for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the ministry that is going to redeem not only people but all of creation itself. Matthew chapter 3 starts with one of the most profound, poignant, and important words in all of the Christian faith: repent. Repentance is a complete turn on the road of life. No longer living for the City of Man but focused now on the City of God. That is our destination in repentance. This is something that happens to everyone who becomes a follower of Jesus Christ; they have a complete change of heart, a complete change of mind, a complete change of the will—they are transformed by repentance.

Hank also discusses the importance of baptism. When we are baptized, we confess our sins and we make a U-turn on the road of life. Baptism has fallen on hard times—just as confession has. Baptism oftentimes in the church is no longer seen as a sacrament, and confession of sins is oftentimes seen as being tantamount to cheapening God’s unmerited favor—or worse, actually mocking God. There are Christian leaders who deem confession to be a gnostic heresy, there are others who demean it as counterproductive to a healthy Christian life. And this in face of the Apostle John who urged his dear children in the faith to continually confess their sins or the Apostle James who exhorts believers to confess their sins to one another and to God.

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