On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (03/19/21), Hank dives back into Matthew chapter 4, beginning from verse 12. Following the baptism of Jesus, St. John was imprisoned by Herod Antipas, governor of Galilee and the son of Herod I (who sought to kill the Messiah in Matthew 2). On his birthday, Herod threw a party at which Salome, the daughter of Herodias, asked for the head of St. John on a platter. To this day, the Holy Church commemorates the Beheading of John the Baptist every August 29 by a strict fast. At any rate, following the beheading of St. John Jesus leaves Nazareth and lived instead in Galilee of the Gentiles in fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy that those in darkness would be awakened to the great light of the Gospel. Here we realize once again that Jesus fulfilled every predictive and typological prophecy such that His face and His face alone could appear in the luminous tapestry of Old Testament writings. Only one among the billions could emerge through the doorway of the Law and the Prophets. Only One could be their fulfillment. Every divine prophecy. Every divine precept.

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