On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (05/26/21), Hank returns to the Gospel of Matthew, picking back up in chapter 6 where Jesus teaches us how to pray by giving us what is known as the Lord’s Prayer. In order to fully grasp the significance and majesty of this prayer, Hank goes over each part in-depth. The Lord’s Prayer is a means by which we may step out of the shallow tide pool of our hearts and plunge into an unbounded ocean of uncreated energy. A means by which we may transcend surface things and experience union with God. Dr. Adolph Saphir said of the Lord’s Prayer, “It is beautiful and symmetrical, like the most finished work of art. The words are plain and unadorned, yet majestic; and so transparent and appropriate that, once fixed in the memory, no other expressions ever mix themselves up with them; the thought of substituting other words never enters the mind.” “It is the beloved and revered friend of our childhood, and it grows with our growth, a never-failing counselor and companion amid all the changing scenes of life.”

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