On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (07/07/21), Hank continues teaching through chapter 9 of the Gospel of Matthew. One of the things you may have noticed at this point in our study of St. Matthew’s Gospel is that Jesus not only heals physical and psychophysical maladies, but He also delivers those who are demon-possessed. Such is the case with the man rendered mute by a demon in verses 32 through 34. While the symptoms of demon possession and disease may appear identical to those without the requisite wisdom, Jesus rightly diagnosed that a demon was in play. Whatever the misgivings of the Pharisees may have been with respect to Christ, they were not in denial regarding demon possession. Instead, they belligerently attacked the integrity of the Master Teacher in saying that He drove out demons by Beelzebub the prince of demons. But to cast out demons by way of the ruler of demons is impossible, as the aim of Beelzebub is to fortify his power, not fracture it. Moreover, Jesus healed the multitudes, raised the dead, and forgave the people of their sins. Works that neither Beelzebub nor his minions could duplicate.

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