On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (07/06/21), Hank returns to the Gospel of Matthew, picking back up in chapter 9. Last time, after reading the account of the woman who reached out and touched Jesus’ cloak to receive healing, Hank was in the process of emphasizing the power of faith. More importantly, the significance of the object of our faith. For it is the object of faith that renders faith, faithful. True faith is ultimately rooted and grounded in the nature of God himself. Not everyone will be healed, but we can rest assured that God will weave together all the circumstances of our lives into a perfect tapestry. Moving on, we see Jesus heal two blind men. What is interesting is that they refer to Him as “Son of David.” While the blind men may have been physically sightless, they most certainly had 20/20 vision spiritually. They realized, as the teachers of the law should have, that Jesus was indeed the Son of David, who forever sits upon the throne of David as made plain by the law and the prophets. Jesus, seeing their faith, mercifully restored their physical sight. In doing so, Jesus demonstrated that He was far greater than any national king—even greater than David, the quintessential king of Israel.

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