On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (05/13/24), we present a special Mother’s Day edition with questions focused on parenting issues:

  • What is the “rod” and relationship to correcting a child in Proverbs 23:13? Christopher – Washington, DC (0:41)
  • What movies should Christians watch? Are fantasy films like Twilight or Harry Potter OK? Rachel – Billings, MT (3:47)
  • Can you invite a demonic presence into your home by watching certain movies? Rachel – Billings, MT (7:12)
  • Did Jesus know He was going to be crucified when He was a little boy? Cameron – CA (7:52)
  • I had an abortion when I was sixteen. I feel now that it was the wrong decision. Will children who were aborted be in heaven? Michelle – KS (15:11)
  • How was God created? Katie – Mesa, AZ (19:21)


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