On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (04/02/20), Hank talks about his great concern that as attacks on our religious freedoms continue to mount, most Christians are sadly clueless as to how to respond. This is precisely why Hank is recommending that you go to equip.org and ask for a copy of Free to Believe: The Battle Over Religious Liberty in America by Luke Goodrich. What Goodrich is addressing in his timely book are sobering trends that are only going to grow more crucial with each passing day. Consider California, where they have issued a regulation requiring health insurance plans to cover abortion, with no exemptions for churches. The infamous ACLU has issued lawsuits against Catholic hospitals because they decline to perform abortions. And although the sanctity of life is just one battlefront in a much deeper war, Goodrich points to a radical values and worldview inversion that is consigning traditional, spiritual, and moral values to the dustbin of history. If you think our liberties are somehow going to survive with Christians remaining clueless and ill-prepared, think again.

Hank also answers the following questions:

  • I’m struggling with the two deaths of Lazarus since we’re only allowed to die once according to the Bible. Can you help me understand that?
  • In Acts chapter 21, James and the elders instruct Paul to offer sacrifices in the temple. Isn’t this in direct conflict with what Jesus taught? Does it not also imply that Christ’s sacrifice was not enough?

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