On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (09/17/18), Hank goes over his eventful weekend. First was Hurricane Florence that hit the Carolinas. We hear so much about the havoc that hurricanes wreak—but there are also intended benefits. Natural law works in synergistic fashion—the same gravity that keeps us on the planet also enables painful falls. And so it is with hurricanes. Hurricanes relieve drought—many places would not get rain apart from the phenomenon of hurricanes. They facilitate climate change by distributing equatorial heat. And they also drive seeds and spores interior to restore plant life. Hank then talks about being at the bedside of his mother who is at death’s door. Hank states that on the one hand you see the horrors of death, on the other—if you think about where death leads to—it can be exhilarating. As Hank points out in his book Afterlife, death is entrance into a brand-new sphere of existence. There is life after life, and we will experience that at some future point in time. But we are also going to experience life after life-after-life, when the time comes for God to restore everything. The soul will return to the body and we will once again be fully human.

Hank answers the following questions:

  • Back in the time of temple sacrifice, what did they do with the animals after they were sacrificed?
  • Is it acceptable to have Native artwork?
  • Should I avoid renting a room in my home to Muslims?

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