On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (04/07/20), Hank starts by asking a number of questions. Is the mark of the beast a silicon microchip? Is it a coronavirus vaccine that carries the DNA of the beast? Is it an evil plot involving a nefarious scheme engineered by none other than Bill Gates? Or is all of this a concoction of paranoid prophecy pundits who have little or no aptitude for reading the Bible for all its substantial worth? Hank is asking these questions in response to a viral video that makes the claim that Bill Gates is in process of building an Antichrist system under the guise of a mandatory coronavirus vaccine that carries the mark of the beast. The video is absolutely shocking—not only because of its blatant sensationalism but also because of its complete disregard for rightly interpreting the Word of God. Hank explains what the mark of the beast actually is, revealing three points that you ought to stick in your mind so that the next time you see or hear a sensationalistic sermon or video on the mark of the beast, you have some way of evaluating what is really going on.

Hank also answers the following questions:

  • Would it be biblical for a pastor to do away with their deacon board and install an elder board?
  • I’ve had an anxiety disorder for many years and nothing seems to be helping. I’ve read that micro-dosing LSD is supposed to help, but it’s not legal. Would this be biblical?
  • I was talking to a friend who believes the coronavirus is divine retribution from God because of abortion and loose sexual morals. What are your thoughts?

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