On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (05/26/23), Hank answers the following questions:

  • What are your thoughts on Christian science fiction and fantasy literature?
  • I believe I have obeyed all that God has asked of me. Why am I suffering so much?
  • What is your view of Calvinism and the doctrine of predestination?
  • Is Jesus’ teaching on eunuchs in Matthew 19:3-12 discussing homosexuality?
  • Why doesn’t the Bible explicitly condemn slavery?


Resources mentioned on today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast:

Gene Edward Veith, “Good Fantasy & Bad Fantasy

“The Divine Sovereignty / Human Responsibility Debate” Part One and Part Two by James R. White and George Bryson

Point/Counterpoint: How Should Christians Approach the Problem of Evil?” by E. Calvin Beisner and Chad Meister

Hank Hanegraaff, Has God Spoken? Memorable Proofs of the Bible’s Divine Inspiration


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