On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (02/27/24), Hank answers the following questions:

  • Where did the name Jesus come from? Did the name Jesus already exist in the English language at the time of his birth? William – Memphis, TN (0:44)
  • In the Genesis account of creation, what does it mean when it says, “Let there be light?” Sarah – Battlefield, MO (3:43)
  • I have a concern with the way people are addicted to technology. How much should we use technology and when does it become an idol in our lives? Corey – St. Louis, MO (7:54)
  • How come I feel like I am not saved? Do you know of any resources that will help me understand the Bible and its teachings? Susan – Murfreesboro, TN (15:11)
  • What are your thoughts on The Bema movie by Pete Briscoe? What about the book The Bema: A Story about the Judgment Seat of Christ by Tim Stevenson? Robert – TX (20:04)
  • What is apologetics? I hear you warn against the teachings of many televangelists. What teachers would you advise people to watch? Donna – Columbia, MO (22:42)


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