On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (04/26/24), Hank answers the following questions:

  • Can you explain the phrase “when the perfect has come,” in 1 Corinthians 13:10? Marine – San Diego, TX (2:30)
  • What is the biblical teaching on the holiness of God? If God is too holy to look on sin, how could Jesus come in the Incarnation? Dave – Oldfield, MO (5:30)
  • Did Jesus live for 33 years? Based on when He was born, shouldn’t He have died when He was about 35-38 years old? Dennis – Longview, TX (15:15)
  • Will the future antichrist be a man, or will there be just a spirit of antichrist in the world? Drew – Fresno, CA (18:04)
  • Is it possible to blaspheme the Holy Spirit after your conversion? Aaron – Springdale, AK (20:13)


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