On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (10/23/23), Hank answers the following questions:

  • What is your perspective on the International House of Prayer and Mike Bickle? (1:00)
  • What are the biblical grounds for divorce and remarriage? (4:23)
  • Can you explain Hosea chapter 1, and why God commanded the prophet to marry Gomer? (15:40)
  • Will aborted children see their parents in heaven? (21:24)


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Forerunner Eschatology: Mike Bickle’s End-Time Teaching and the International House of Prayer

Biblical Grounds for Divorce and Remarriage

Christian Research Journal special themed issue: The War on Western Civilization: Everything You Need to Know About the Cult of Wokeism

AfterLife: What You Need To Know about Heaventhe Hereafter and Near-Death Experiences by Hank Hanegraaff


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