On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (02/06/23), Hank answers the following questions:

  • I have struggled throughout my life and have backslidden many times. How can I have assurance of salvation?
  • Are these programs on TV about mediums and angels real? Are they getting their knowledge from the power of Satan?
  • How do I answer atheists who say Christianity has borrowed everything from ancient religions?
  • How do you harmonize John 3:16 and Romans chapter 9?

The articles from the Christian Research Journal mentioned by Hank concerning the issue of Calvinism vs. Non-Calvinism are the following:

“The Divine Sovereignty/Human Responsibility Debate” Parts 1 and 2 by James R. White and George Bryson:




“Point/Counterpoint: How Should Christians Approach the Problem of Evil?” by E. Calvin Beisner and Chad Meister:



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