On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (06/14/24), Hank answers the following questions:

  • What do you think about interracial marriage? Is it right, or is it wrong? Jamie – Cotton Valley, LA (0:42)
  • My friend believes there are three kinds of people: Jews, Gentiles, and Christians. I believe there are only two kinds: saved and unsaved. He said I believe in Replacement Theology. What are your thoughts? Robert – Austin, TX (1:31)
  • I believe the Bible is inspired, but I have trouble explaining this to others. Can you help me? Matthew – Kansas City, MO (9:02)
  • I believe there is a passage in scripture that talks about races. Do you know where that is? Sarah – Dallas, TX (15:11)
  • Do you believe that Jesus was married? Darryl – Durham, NC (18:03)
  • 2 Kings 24 says that there were 7,000 fighting men taken in the Babylonian captivity. Jeremiah 52 says there were 3000. Can you explain the apparent contradiction? Scott – Elvira, IL (20:32)
  • The church I serve at is getting a new pastor who identifies as a lesbian. Can you offer any advice? Jan – San Diego, CA (23:24)


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