On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (07/05/24), Hank answers the following questions:

  • If God is so perfect, why is His self-revelation and Word so misunderstood? Jason – Miami, FL (1:04)
  • John 6:66 talks about walking away from the Lord. Is it intentional that this Scripture reference contains the number of the mark of the beast? Don – St. Louis, MO (5:33)
  • When were chapter and verse designations added to the Bible? Don – St. Louis, MO (8:37)
  • Is it okay to use science to answer questions raised by atheists? Alex – St. Louis, MO (9:16)
  • Is Matthew 24 talking about Israel becoming a nation in 1948? Jim – Creston, IA (15:11)
  • 1 Chronicles 9:1 mentions the “Book of the Kings.” Is this book in the Bible or something we still have today? Troy – Dallas, TX (18:09)
  • Is Matthew 16 talking about the resurrection or the end of the age? Bobby – Atlanta, GA (19:20)
  • Do you think societal conditions today are how they are because the Church has not been salt and light? Bobby – Atlanta, GA (20:32)
  • Many people I know use the name Yahweh to refer to God. A Jewish encyclopedia says the name “Lord” replaced Yahweh in the Bible. Why was it changed? Alicia – Wichita, KS (23:02)


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