On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (03/11/24), Hank answers the following questions:

  • Will the Antichrist be a homosexual? Bobby – Oklahoma City, OK (1:00)
  • Are we still required to follow the Ten Commandments? Robert – St. Petersburg, FL (2:27)
  • Is Seventh-day Adventism a cult? Justin – Whitehouse, TX (5:49)
  • Did Eve sin before eating the forbidden fruit? Steve – KS (8:09)
  • Can you explain the concept of Armageddon as described in Ezekiel? Jason – St. Louis, MO (8:54)
  • How could Adam and Eve see God after the Fall? The Bible says that no one can see God and live. Sarah – Springfield, MO (16:58)
  • Have you heard of the Queen James Bible? Raymond – TN (19:45)
  • Did God predestine the sin of Adam and Eve? Billy – Union, SC (23:40)


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