On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (11/20/23), Hank answers the following questions:

  • Could you clarify your comments on the lake of fire being metaphorical? (1:19)
  • Do all the different false doctrines that are so prevalent ever get you down? (5:17)
  • If all of these Word of Faith teachers are preaching heresy, why does God allow them to have such a large platform and reach thousands of people? (7:50)
  • Are mediums really able to conjure up the spirits of the dead as we see in 1 Samuel 28? (15:11)
  • Could you explain more about why you think Joyce Meyer’s theology is in error? I thought she was a sound teacher. (17:27)
  • When discussing the Gospels with skeptics, I hear them refer to a Q source. Do you know anything about this? (21:45)
  • Can you elaborate on a previous question about whether or not someone would see their Mormon family members in heaven? (23:21)


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