On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (06/15/20), Hank opens with a question: what do racism, riots, and radicalism have in common? The answer, says Hank, is that all three are the ripened fruit of decades of educational indoctrination. As such, Hank would like to discuss all three on future editions of the Bible Answer Man broadcast, starting today with racism. Racism has been institutionalized by the American Educational System, with Darwin’s evolutionary paradigm being “the only game in town.” The implications of Darwin’s evolutionary paradigm may be self-evident but it bears elaboration for the uninitiated. In the famed volume, The Descent of Man, Darwin makes explicit that his notorious subtitle, The Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life, applies to human races. Not only is this Darwinian paradigm the only game in town, but according to Dr. Alex Rosenberg’s Atheist’s Guide to Reality, “95 percent of the most distinguished scientists in America (along with their foreign associate members) have employed it to dispense with God.” To dispense with the very being who created humanity in His image and likeness—thus bestowing upon every man, woman, and child, intrinsic worth and absolute equality.

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