On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (9/25/2018), Hank said that in tandem with unverified accusations against US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, repressed memories are in the daily news cycle these days—and with a vengeance. This, of course, is nothing new. In The Covering he noted Lauren Strafford’s bestseller Satan’s Underground, which became “a key source for promoting and validating the ‘repressed memories’ hysteria that peaked in the early 1990s.” Recovered memories are often disclosed in therapy settings. They begin with seemingly unrelated problems such as sleep, eating disorders, or depression. During the course of treatment, either the therapist or the client raises the possibility of repressed memories. At first the survivor may not remember anything but after long term intensive treatment gradually pieces together a complex history of abuse. Often the therapist decides that the repression was facilitated by a dissociative state—and that after prolonged questioning. Accusations against public officials, personalities, neighbors, or other more distant adults usually come only after cases have been sensationalized.

 Hank also addresses the following question:

  • Should Christians be non-partisan and not take a side on the Kavanaugh controversy?

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