On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (02/08/24), we pick up where we ended on our previous broadcast, and present more of an episode of the Hank Unplugged podcast. Hank is talking with Dr. Stephen C. Meyer, director of the Center for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute in Seattle, and author of Return of the God Hypothesis: Three Scientific Discoveries That Reveal the Mind Behind the Universe. Hank and Dr. Meyer discuss the myth that science and religion are in conflict, three metaphors used to describe nature, the intellectual shift away from a belief in God in philosophy and science, how a lack of Christian unity impacted the shift in prevalence to a materialist worldview, the problem with Hume’s argument against miracles, why the issue of origins is so important, and how scientific materialists explain fine-tuning with the idea of a multiverse.


Resources related to today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast:

Return of the God Hypothesis by Stephen C. Meyer

Darwin’s Doubt and Darwin’s Dilemma Package

Signature in the Cell by Stephen C. Meyer


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