On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (06/16/20), Hank continues his discussion on racism, riots, and radicalism, which are three things that he considers the ripened fruit of educational indoctrination. An article Hank read this morning in USA Today seems to justify the looting of rioters, with quotes saying “some looters were undoubtedly expressing frustration or trying to even a score,” “The motive for looting may have been racial solidarity rather than self-indulgence,” and that “looters were delivering a message and thus griping about looting during demonstrations is like complaining about thunder in a summer storm.” All of this adds up to a not so subtle rationalization of raiding, ransacking, and robbery as a legitimate expression of racial solidarity. The issue of right or wrong was notably missing from the article, because as the famed biologist and philosopher Alex Rosenberg has been telling students and readers for decades, “in a world where physics fixes all the facts, it’s hard to see how there can be room for moral facts.” “Our core morality isn’t true, right, correct, and neither is any other. Nature just seduced us into thinking it’s right.”

Hank also answers the following questions:

  • Do you have some information on the Black Hebrew Israelite group that calls themselves the Star of David?
  • Is it wrong for a woman to host an open Bible study that may have men in it?
  • When the Israelites rebelled against God, God said to Moses that He would wipe them out. Moses argued against it and said that God should take him as well. Why do we not have the same mentality as Moses with respect to those who are going to be eternally condemned?

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