On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (09/01/20), Hank recounts thinking many years ago about how impossible it would be to actually live in the year 2020, having no perspective on how this year would actually unfold. In reality, it has unfolded with a pandemic, and pandemics cause us to think about our own mortality and the fact that life is so very, very fragile. The book we are featuring this month, Immortal: How the Fear of Death Drives Us and What We Can Do About It by Clay Jones teaches us precisely what we can do about it. For millions of materialists, death is the absolute end of our conscious existence. And it’s the prospect of that oblivion that drives so many to engage in life-long mortality mitigation projects, desperately trying to achieve symbolic immortality. The profound and utter folly, says Hank, is that millions upon millions of people will spend the entirety of their lives seeking to achieve an immortality that they actually already have—but it is not even remotely close to what they might imagine. That is, at death our bodies die, but never our souls. We are indeed immortal, but not in a way that the materialist mind can comprehend. This is why Clay Jones’ new book Immortal is both timely and highly relevant, and not just for the secularist, but for you as a Christian. This book is important because it speaks to the resplendent glory that awaits all of us.

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