On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (07/23/20), Hank devotes his time to discuss Islam, because he recently watched a clip of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden speaking to a Million Muslim Votes summit hosted by the Muslim American Political Action Committee. In the clip, Biden tells attendees that he wished U.S. schools taught more about Islam. He went on to designate the Islamic faith as “one of the great confessional faiths.” What was particularly stunning about his speech is the emphasis he placed on his theological acumen. He made it clear that he was not speaking as an average Joe, but rather as an avid student of theology—including Muslim theology. As a self-proclaimed student of theology, Biden knows that while there are many peaceful and tolerant Muslims; the history of Islam demonstrates conclusively that it is neither peaceful nor tolerant. This leads to a singular question; does Biden’s assurance that Muslims share his principles—principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings—fit the facts? The answer, says Hank, is no. Hank gives seven reasons why Biden’s wish for U.S. schools to teach that Islam is a great confessional faith must never be realized.

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