On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (9/21/2018), Hank addresses questions from recent callers who didn’t get to ask their question on the air because of time constraints. The first question is, How does God know the future, if the future does not yet exist? It’s important first to establish that from beginning to end, the Bible teaches the omniscience of God. In the words of Isaiah, God knows “the end from the beginning.” As such, God’s knowledge is exhaustive, including even knowledge of those things yet in the future. But then how does God know the future? Keep in mind that God’s omniscience is to us certainly a great mystery. We don’t even understand how it is that we can know what we know, let alone truly comprehend God’s omniscience. We’d have to be omniscient to truly comprehend His omniscience! Nonetheless, there are several models that philosophical theologians have proposed to help explain how God knows the future. Hank mentions one defended by William Lane Craig.

Hank also addresses these questions:

  • Was Peter the first pope?
  • Does God orchestrate the weather?

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