On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (01/09/19), Hank opens with a quote from the late Dallas Willard on spiritual disciplines. Over the years Hank has emphasized the spiritual disciplines like prayer or fasting; they are spiritual exercises that every Christian who sincerely desire to be Christ-like need to pursue. Hank mentions a video in which one of the points made is that twice as many teenagers in Generation Z identify as atheist as compared to adults. They also highly value inclusiveness and therefore oppose Church teachings that to them seem to exclude groups, such as homosexuality and transgenderism. As a result, they end up approaching religion the same way one would approach a product; they pursue happiness rather than holiness.

Hank also answers the following questions:

  • Once saved always saved?
  • Do we need to repent after every sin?
  • Does the parable of the talents prove that salvation can be lost?

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