On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (05/28/21), Hank resumes his discussion of prayer by going over his F-A-C-T-S prayer guide. The “A” in F-A-C-T-S represents adoration. Prayer without adoration is like a body without a spirit. Not only is it incomplete, it just doesn’t work. Through adoration, we naturally express our genuine, heartfelt love and longing for God. Simply put, adoration is passionate admiration that culminates in awe, in reverence, and in the worship of God. As with our expression of faith, the way in which adoration is felt is new every morning. The “C” in F-A-C-T-S stands for confession. It is quite natural for your prayers to transition from adoration of God to confession of guilt. Indeed, one inevitably leads toward the other. When we touch the transcendence of God, we are inevitably reminded of our own unworthiness. Though confession may cleanse our conscience, corruption carries its own consequences. Thus, we must never suppose that because we are being redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, we may as yet sin with impunity. We are prone to live in denial. There are no doubt hundreds of sins of which we remain blithely unaware. Therefore, our need for confession remains great.

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