On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (05/14/20), Hank talks about Tertullian, who is another great apologist featured in Marcellino D’Ambrosio’s compelling book, When the Church Was Young. Tertullian’s conversion is one of the great conversion stories of early Church history. While attending the public games he witnessed the martyrdom of some Christians who he recognized were far from vicious criminals. He saw that they were virtuous Christians who had the courage to die and a cause worth dying for. Moved by the witness of their blood, Tertullian began learning about principles and power that caused those facing their own mortality to do so with courage and conviction. Soon thereafter he was illumined by baptism and became a fervent follower of Christ. As Tertullian grew in his faith, he became one of the most quotable early Christian apologists.

Hank also answers the following question:

  • If I have intrusive thoughts that blaspheme the Holy Spirit have I committed a sin?

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