On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (10/12/18), Hank takes a deep dive into the topic of gender identity. It is not too much of a stretch to say that America—and vicariously the world—is on the verge of madness and self-destruction. The Post-truth climate of contemporary morality has pitted those who believe in the natural order of male and female against those who contend that gender is nothing but a social construct. Hank highlights an article by Glen Stanton titled, “Four Reasons Gender Theory Is Ridiculous” which illustrates that current gender theory is fraught with contradiction. The most basic tenet of gender theory is that human genders are as diverse as the hues of a rainbow. But at the same time, they are advertising T-shirts that come in only two styles—male or female. Hardly a non-binary choice. Or consider the acronym LGBT, which in and of itself mandates binary choices. If we as Americans are to avert a fall that mirrors that of Rome we must know the truth and make the truth known, particularly when it comes to the most basic distinction known to humanity—that of male and female.


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