On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (12/09/20), Hank talks about one of the resources we are featuring this month, the book The Price of Panic: How the Tyranny of Experts Turned a Pandemic into a Catastrophe by Professors Jay Richards, William Briggs, and Douglas Axe. Hank likens the panic surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic to the Millennium Bug where formidable intellects along the Christian landscape busily propagated reckless rumors regarding the upcoming new year of 2000. People like Dr. Jerry Falwell who posited that the Millennium Bug was God’s instrument to shake the nation and start a revival in America that would spread across the face of the earth before the rapture of the Church. For his part, Dr. R.C. Sproul was envisioning a meltdown of civilization with one billion fatalities—the end of the world as we know it. Not knowing how to discern between truth and error, there were tens of thousands of Christians who were resigned to stocking up freeze-dried food and generators. What was really in short supply was discernment and truth. Well, today the media is doing the very thing they rightly accused Christian leaders of doing. They are using COVID-19 as the pretext for selling fear, for engaging in sloppy journalism, for employing subtly deceptive reasoning, and for trafficking in self-styled science.

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